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I’m terrible.


I’m terrible.


"all sex is illegal. see you in communism or hell, nerds" -jazzcat

i love to do crimes. gender crimes.


re: this obama speech, a lot of people are saying his hands are tied and he has to play the politician, but I’m sick of this whole practice of praising a theoretical imaginary obama

it’s not going to do anyone any good to look back on obama’s legacy and think “I bet he was secretly more progressive than he spoke and acted”


7 black women to follow for updates in #Ferguson
August 18, 2014

Like much of the world, I haven’t been able to take my eyes off of the unrest that’s happening in Ferguson, Missouri. Social media has, once again, proven it’s effectiveness in quickly disseminating information and fact-checking mainstream sources for an event that the history books will not forgot. While you’re trying to keep up with what’s going on, be sure to follow these women who are doing extraordinary work telling stories and keeping those of us who cannot make it to Ferguson abreast of what’s happening on the ground.

1)      Brittany Noble | Reporter for KMOV in St. Louis | Twitter/Instagram

2)      Yamiche Alcindor | Contributor for MSNBC and USA Today | Twitter/Vine/Website

3)      Maria Chappelle-Nadal | Missouri State Senator | Twitter

4)      Patricia Bynes | Democratic committeewoman of Ferguson Township | Twitter

5)      Tasha B. | Resident & activist | Twitter/Instagram

6)      @Awkward_Duck | Resident & activist | Twitter

7)      Johnetta E. | Resident & activist | Twitter


Wow. Capt. Ron Johnson of the Missouri Highway Patrol is actually great. And not just because the bar for decency has been set so low by police officers. He talked at a rally in Ferguson today about going home to his black son: "who wears his pants saggy, wears his hat cocked to the side, got tattoos on his arms, but that's my baby."


Maybe he could put in a good word for the protestors who are going to be fired upon tonight by his racist-ass colleagues?

yo he’s still firing tear gas and rubber bullets at peaceful protestors, framing him as A Better Cop doesn’t change the fact that he’s fundamentally A Cop



Captain Johnson Breaks Promise, Uses Tear Gas And Military Vehicles Against Ferguson Protesters

August 17th, 2014

Captain Johnson broke a direct promise he made on Saturday when officers and SWAT under his control broke up the night’s demonstration using military-like vehicles and tear gas while enforcing a midnight curfew.

Johnson insisted at a press conference earlier in the day that those methods would not be used.

We won’t enforce it with trucks, we won’t enforce it with tear gas. We’ll communicate. We’ll talk about, you know what, it’s time to go home,” Johnson told a boisterous crowd.

But shortly after midnight, when the curfew went into effect, riot police equipped with rifles, shields and five armored vehicles, shot tear gas and smoke grenades to disperse defying protesters chanting “No Justice, No Curfew”.

It was initially unclear whether tear gas or smoke was volleyed. Police spokesmen on the ground told reporters there that the anti-riot agent they were using was merely smoke.

But several reporters tweeted pictures of the canisters they picked off the ground which showed that riot CS smoke was being used.


not to mention live rounds. 

remember how the “good cops” came and took over

LF, when the walls fell


cbass, his arms wide


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So the Ferguson police say that before he was shot, Michael Brown stole from a convenience store and pushed a customer. The video from the store shows an unshaved man wearing different clothes than Brown's corpse. Yeah.


Racists always try to front like, when it’s a black kid, shit like shoplifting should be punishable by death. Who gives a shit if he hypothetically stole some shit, or sold weed or whatever, only a racist would say that in any way justifies the cops’ actions (and guess what, they’re going to, just watch).