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the government should tax single straight men

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frankly even saying ‘afab nb’ and ‘amab nb’ aren’t terms im happy with because they reinscribe birth assignment as relevant and essential to one’s experiences.

id prefer some other term that more accurately indicates “person who is not, but is read by society as, male or female” because while the way we’re treated by patriarchy varies depending on how it understands us, that way does not necessarily line up with birth assignment.


don’t dress for the cyberpunk dystopia that you have, dress for the cyberpunk dystopia that you want

how come there arent any old people in cranberryies cover bands calling themselves craisins

#5709: yes hello


#5709: yes hello

New aesthetic: nothing lasts forever, time is moving very fast. Soon all of this will be gone. My skirt and lipstick look amazing. Efemmeral
do you have shirts that say FOIE GRAS like black flag style? I saw a dude wearing one the other day in chicago


Yeah I would never make those shirts but someone is making them and stickers too which is hilarious

they probably love gourmet food

in Chicago maybe 7 years ago or so the city actually banned foie gras and “foodies” got all rebellious about it so that’s probably what it was. anyway your music is rad and so are you, be well!



"More coffee shops should do that thing where they give out free coffee to homeless people. Like, homelessness would be pretty much solved if they were given coffee and a sandwich every day."

- Graphic design student

No, sandwichlessness and coffeelessness would be solved.

to solve homelessness you can give the homeless homes, like one of the 22 empty ones per homeless person in the US